At Emergency Food Supply, we take pride in the quality and nutrition of our food. Our foods are among the healthiest bulk survival foods available online. Our foods are high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and high in vitamins and minerals. Unlike other emergency foods, many of our foods are non-GMO organic.


Our survival foods have been evaluated to meet the monthly requirements for protein, carbohydrates, oils, fiber, and calories in a 2500 calorie/day diet. Our foods also provide 100 percent daily value of your essential vitamins and minerals.


Many survival food companies on the market today claim that they can sustain a person during an emergency where there is no other food available. These survival food companies claim that their foods are healthy and can be eaten for an extended period of time. However, when you look their nutrition, you will see that eating these survival foods will leave you hungry and malnourished, and may even lead to serious medical conditions.


We have chosen to compare our Survival Food Supply (our basic food supply package) with Wise Foods, a popular food supply company.


As you can see in our comparison below, it takes 4 months of Wise Foods just to equal the calories in 1 month of our nutritionally balanced Survival Food Supply.


This means that one month of Wise Foods will actually only last you one week.



Furthermore, because Wise Foods gets most of their calories from starchy, fattening carbohydrates, it will require nearly 5 months of Wise Foods to equal the protein in one month of our Survival Food Supply.


Making the situation even worse, Wise Foods are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. By eating Wise Foods, you run the risk of developing scurvy (Vitamin C deficiency), rickets (Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency), as well as other major vitamin deficiencies.


Finally, let’s talk about cost. Wise Foods advertises that their one month supply of food is only $170. On the face of it, this sounds like a great bargain. However, you now know better. One month of Wise Foods actually lasts only one week.


So how much does one month’s worth of Wise Foods actually cost? The answer may shock you. One month of Wise Foods actually costs $690!


By comparison, one month of our nutritionally balanced Survival Food Supply only costs $365, including shipping!


Further, by buying our Survival Food Supply, our Economy Food Supply, or our Deluxe Food Supply, you can have the peace of mind that you are getting healthy food that you can eat sustainably for months and even years at a time. Now that is a great bargain!

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