Your Grandparents Were Better Prepared Than You

As recently as a hundred years ago we lived closer to the land then we do now. People were more self sufficient and knew how to maintain more of the technology they used every day.


At that time it was a matter of course that people knew how to fix their own car and knew how to grow and preserve their own food. Before refrigerators it was common for people to have a year’s supply of food in their homes.


You probably had a grandparent who used to can food and had a large pantry full of enough food to last a good long time. Further, the food that everyone ate was likely to be produced within twenty miles of where they lived. Now it is common for food to come from across the country or across the world.

Most People Are Not Prepared for Emergency

Increasingly more we live in a world where we expect that there will be other people to take care of dally needs. We expect that there will always be enough food and water whenever we want them.


What we don’t recognize is how vulnerable this makes us to any break in the supply line for our survival needs. Grocery stores only have a one to two day supply of food. For them this makes sense in the short term because it cuts down on spoilage and reduces the amount of money they have tied up in inventory. But in the longer term having smaller stock rooms is riskier for their customers.


If anything happens to stop a food delivery like a hurricane or a huge snow storm a market can run out of food very quickly. Worse, even the fear of a snow storm or other natural disaster causes people to rush to the store to clean out whatever supplies are there.

Disaster Can Strike at Any Time

It is clear that our society is moving from greater self-reliance to less self-reliance. We have become so comfortable in the reliability of our infrastructure that it has become unthinkable that it will fail.


We believe that we will never experience an emergency, even though we know the devastation caused by disasters like Hurricane Katrina. In New Orleans, people were without food and safe drinking water for weeks after the disaster, and life did not return to normal for more than a year.



Where would you turn for food if the markets were empty and looted? What would you do for drinking water if the water supply were contaminated? The only place you could turn to would be your own pantry, and what if this were empty?




Be Prepared!

Do you want to be a person who is not prepared when an emergency happens? It is your responsibility to be prepared for any emergency for the sake of yourself and your family.

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Be Prepared!

Haven't you been keeping up with current events?

Gas prices, peak oil, natural disasters, civil unrest, martial law, economic collapseā€¦ these disasters can happen at any time, and you'd better be prepared to rely on your own resources.

We live in uncertain times, but that doesn't mean YOU can't arrange a little certainty of your own.

In the Army we took "Be Prepared" to new levels, so listen up hero! Us Army guys are prepared for anything, and you had better catch up buddy, because there's no points for second best when it comes to survival.

Secure your water supply, secure a food supply, and secure your perimeter!

I'm GIJeff, and I'll get you squared away with Emergency Food Supplies.