Emergency Food Supply was formed to make long term food storage for emergencies and everyday use both easy and cost effective.  Extensive research was done to determine the best types of Emergency Food Supplies that did not compromise on cost, food quality, or quality of life.

Canned Food / MRE’s

Canned Food

Canned Food

Canned food requires little or no preparation and is easiest of all types of Emergency Food Supply to actually use, and also provides moisture content when eaten.


Canning requires only heat and a can opener to prepare, and the food can be eaten cold if necessary.


Bear in mind that much of the nutritional value of food is lost in the canning process (60-80%). Canned food is bulky and heavy and has a limited shelf life.  After one year it begins to lose more nutritional value, and is typically only considered safe for a few years.


Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried Food

Freeze Dried Food

Freeze-drying food costs more, but loses less nutrition from processing than canned food.


Freeze dried foods are usually prepared meals and require little preparation, but have less variety.


Hot or even cold water is all that is needed to prepare it, but it must be stored in individual sealed containers, as exposure to air is damaging to the food.


For camping or traveling, this type of food is probably best as it offers the lowest weight, bulk, and preparation for a small mobile food supply.

Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated Food


Dehydrated foods are easy to store because they can be exposed to air without losing storage life and are far less expensive than other Emergency Food Supplies.


Dehydrated foods lose very little nutrition in preparation (between 3 and 5%) due to the lower temperatures used.


Dehydrated Emergency Food Supplies require more preparation, sometimes requiring soaking for hours or overnight for some dried beans and other items so more planning is required for their use.


Given the retained nutritional value and cost effectiveness, I believe these to be the most effective type of Emergency Food Supplies if you plan to stay in one location to weather an emergency.


Using dehydrated food allows you to rotate through your food supplies and gives you the best value for your dollar.  Dehydrated food is very cost effective compared to store bought food and can also be used daily to save you money on your monthly grocery expenses.

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