Secure your Water Supply

The main thing you need to be concerned about in any emergency or survival situation is a good supply of clean water.  Humans require a minimum of a half gallon of water every day for drinking.  If you are active, you will need one to two gallons to be properly hydrated.


Proper filtration, boiling, or even pasteurization can be used to make water safe.  You can use a water bob, which will hold up to 100 gallons of water, for short to medium duration events.


Most towns store only a one day supply of water, so in the case of an emergency, fill your water bob immediately.

Eat what you store, store what you eat

Dietary changes, especially in an emergency, can potentially cause digestion problems, adding stress to an already stressful situation.  Many people store food that they would not normally eat, thinking that they will be glad to have anything to eat in an emergency.


I want you to be as comfortable as you can be in a survival situation so you can do what needs to be done to survive and thrive instead of wishing you had better food.


Using your Emergency Food Supplies every day can save you money and get you better prepared for potential emergencies.


If you lose power, your dehydrated Emergency Food Supplies will not deteriorate as frozen or refrigerated food will.  You can continue to prepare and enjoy meals much as you do now.

Time On Your Hands

Plant a GardenWhen emergency strikes, your priorities shift. You are no longer defined by your job, your social connections, or the money you have in the bank. You are defined by your ability to survive and thrive. You are a prepper, and your task is to prepare yourself for disaster.


One thing that occurs in most emergencies, such as lengthy utility outages, is that people have large amounts of time on their hands and nothing to fill these idle hours with.  Food preparation will give you something useful to do to keep you occupied while you wait for the emergency to pass.


Dehydrated Emergency Foods take longer to prepare than the food you are used to eating, however this will keep you occupied and focused during an otherwise stressful time.


I also recommend using other means of keeping yourself busy, such as reading books, practicing crafts, and playing musical instruments.

Learn About Prepping

Here is a link to James Wesley Rawles site for some information on getting started prepping:


Here is a link to James Wesley Rawles precepts page:

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Be Prepared!

Haven't you been keeping up with current events?

Gas prices, peak oil, natural disasters, civil unrest, martial law, economic collapse… these disasters can happen at any time, and you'd better be prepared to rely on your own resources.

We live in uncertain times, but that doesn't mean YOU can't arrange a little certainty of your own.

In the Army we took "Be Prepared" to new levels, so listen up hero! Us Army guys are prepared for anything, and you had better catch up buddy, because there's no points for second best when it comes to survival.

Secure your water supply, secure a food supply, and secure your perimeter!

I'm GIJeff, and I'll get you squared away with Emergency Food Supplies.