How to Respond in an Emergency

Disaster Scale – Levels 1 through 5X (X being Extreme or Extended)

Level 0: Human Disaster – Civil / Social / Services breakdown

  • Riots + looting (i.e. 1990’s L.A. Riots, 2008 Greece), short war, political starvation (i.e. African aid hijacking).
  • Services are overwhelmed for a short term.

Level 0X: Extended Human Disaster

  • Extended riots (i.e. 1960’s Greece), Civil War, genocide (i.e. 1990’s Rawanda, China’s Great Leap Forward, Today’s Darfur).
  • Massive population displacement, likely away from food sources and medical care and other services.

Level 1 Natural: Fire Flood Tornado Drought Disease – Temporary

  • 2-4 weeks disruption of normal services and/or trade.
  • Need 2-4 weeks of food (rice, beans, sugar, flour), heat source (propane camping stove + fuel), water (stored or Berkey filter), entertainment (cards, games, RV charger-battery-DVD/Laptop).
  • Medical: Plenty of over-the-counter medications to relieve minor ailments (cold, stomach, etc. for adults and kids) because your doctor will certainly be too busy.
  • N98 masks to protect family members.

Level 1X: Persistent Natural Disasters – 4 Weeks +

  • Electricity gone, all else normal. Batteries might only last a few days.
  • Need a solar charger, deep cycle battery, and an inverter. Cold climates might need a bank of batteries and a larger inverter to run an electric blanket.
  • Water gone, all else normal. Can use gas or electricity to boil water, Big Berkey filter a plus.
  • Natural Gas gone, all else normal. Can usually use electricity for same purposes as gas.
  • Drought: Water barrels.
  • Medical: Backup prescription medications, extensive first aid supplies such as a military field kit, antiviral masks, gloves.

Level 2: Economic – Stock Crash, Recession

  • Save on costs, food: Dehydration, canning, gardening.
  • Energy: Insulation, efficient bulbs.
  • Invest in Yourself: Training and schooling since jobs are scarce anyway.
  • Precious Metals: Sometimes a good investment, sometimes not. If accumulated over time, there is much less chance of getting burned.

Level 2X: Depression – Little to No Economic Activity – All Black Market, Energy Very Expensive

  • Get out of Debt: Old debts are in inflated dollars.
  • Earning Power Is Reduced: Sell everything not nailed down.
  • Save Money: As above, perhaps with solar panels + deep cell battery and inverter to save on electric bills.

Level 3: Political – Constitutional Crisis, Election Unrest

  • Home and Personal Defense: Sit in your house/business with a shotgun.

Level 3X: Police State

  • Exit Areas of Urban Unrest: Prepare to defend in rural isolation.
  • Secure communications.

Level 4: Currency – Massive Deflation, Hyperinflation, Debt Default – Limited to Nation or Region

  • Prepare as level 2 above, but for 1-2 years.
  • Food Stocks: Prepare for 200-300% increase in food costs.
  • Trade: Utilize gold, silver, and tangibles (food, ammo, booze). Get small amounts too (not all big gold coins, get silver dimes and quarters, perhaps links of a 24K chain to break apart).
  • Wealth: Can own other currencies that have not collapsed, and precious metals or other commodities.

Level 4X: Global Currency or Debt Default

  • Wealth: No suitable alternate currencies exist, convert wealth to precious metals and tangibles/trade-ables.

Level 5: Devastation – Tornado, Volcano, Asteroid strike, Single Nuclear Exchange

  • Dustbowl: Some regions become uninhabitable, others may be OK.
  • Transportation: Make sure it’s rugged, reliable, and ensure that all of your gear will fit in the car with passengers.
  • Only real goods matter: Food, water, and fuel.

Level 5X: Total Devastation – Total TEOTWAWKI

  • Total nuclear war. Multiple asteroid strikes. Ice age. Supervolcano. Super Tsunami. War of Worlds/Independence Day attack of superior aliens (hey, you can’t *prove* it WON’T happen).
  • Total Bunker Mentality: Do the best you can, hunker down, or run like crazy (depending on situation), prepare to kiss your a** goodbye?
  • Communication: Radio – link up with others.

Excerpted from Pennsylvania Prepper Network article linked here:

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