Eat What You Store, Store What You Eat

In the Army, we sweat hard in training so we don’t bleed hard in wartime. In an emergency, the last thing you want is to be figuring out how to use your equipment.


Eating this food regularly will not only save you money every day, but will help you be prepared when the time comes that you really need it. You will learn how to prepare this high quality food so you will be ready when rations are tight, and you will learn how to eat right to keep your strength up when times get tough.



Make everyday activities like cooking part of your daily training, so you will be ready to roll when an emergency happens. The last thing you want to do is make a major change in your diet, especially when you are under stress.


Many emergency food supplies are food nobody will eat on a regular basis, but people buy it and think they’ll be happy to have anything rather than starve. Having food you actually like will be far better for your morale and mental health, especially under stressful conditions. You don’t want to find out your food supply is totally unpalatable the day you have nothing else to eat.

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Be Prepared!

Haven't you been keeping up with current events?

Gas prices, peak oil, natural disasters, civil unrest, martial law, economic collapse… these disasters can happen at any time, and you'd better be prepared to rely on your own resources.

We live in uncertain times, but that doesn't mean YOU can't arrange a little certainty of your own.

In the Army we took "Be Prepared" to new levels, so listen up hero! Us Army guys are prepared for anything, and you had better catch up buddy, because there's no points for second best when it comes to survival.

Secure your water supply, secure a food supply, and secure your perimeter!

I'm GIJeff, and I'll get you squared away with Emergency Food Supplies.