GIJeff’s Bio:

I was born in 1967 in Toledo Ohio, solid middle America.


When I was a kid I was a cub scout, then a boy scouts, then after high school, I took self reliance to a new level when I joined the United States Army as a 19E10 Tank, Armor Crewman. After the army I went to college where I received a degree in as Computer Systems Specialist.


I am also a long time Prepper and a firearms expert.


I am a staff writer for where I tell you what you need to know about survival clothing, transportation, and firearms.


I provide self defense training to members of the local community and I am a firearms instructor at my local firing range.


As a prepper I have extensively researched emergency food supplies and I practice what I preach – I eat bulk survival foods and I do all of my own canning.


I started Emergency Food Supply to sell products that I knew people would need in case of an emergency, because I couldn’t find anything out there that met my standards.


I eat what I store, and store what I eat, so I wanted good food that would hold up to long term storage and be reasonably priced. I chose food that will sustain adults at a regulation activity level with excellent nutrition and no weight loss.


Get with the program and be prepared with high quality survival food for when an emergency strikes!

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Be Prepared!

Haven't you been keeping up with current events?

Gas prices, peak oil, natural disasters, civil unrest, martial law, economic collapse… these disasters can happen at any time, and you'd better be prepared to rely on your own resources.

We live in uncertain times, but that doesn't mean YOU can't arrange a little certainty of your own.

In the Army we took "Be Prepared" to new levels, so listen up hero! Us Army guys are prepared for anything, and you had better catch up buddy, because there's no points for second best when it comes to survival.

Secure your water supply, secure a food supply, and secure your perimeter!

I'm GIJeff, and I'll get you squared away with Emergency Food Supplies.