Eat in comfort with the Deluxe Emergency Food Supply. This package is nutritionally balanced to provide you with all of the essential macronutrients and micronutrients that you need to thrive during an emergency.


We have carefully selected all of our emergency foods to be the healthiest available. Our foods are high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and high in vitamins and minerals. Unlike other emergency foods, many of our foods are organic, including our organic, non-GMO soybeans.


The Deluxe Emergency Food Supply comes with additional seasonings and sauces to spice up your survival food supply. It also contains organic basmati rice, spinach powder, and shiitake mushrooms to give your meals more variety. Finally it includes tasty treats, like cinnamon toffee almonds and chocolate covered pretzels, to satisfy your sweet tooth.


The Deluxe Emergency Food Supply has been evaluated to meet the monthly requirements for protein, carbohydrates, oils, and fiber in a 2500 calorie/day diet. It also provides 100 percent daily value of your essential vitamins and minerals.


Unlike many survival or emergency food supply products, which only provide you with 500 calories per day, the Deluxe Emergency Food Supply comes stocked with more than 2500 calories per day. That’s enough to keep an adult male fit and healthy during a period of increased activity.


The Deluxe Emergency Food Supply is also loaded with Omega-3s, Calcium, Vitamin D, fiber, grains, lean protein, fruits, and vegetables to keep you healthy and strong.

Ingredients (One Month Supply)

TVP Color of Hamburger 5 pounds
Whole Egg Powder 1 pound
** Whey Protein Concentrate 1.5 pounds
Milk Powder Low Heat Nonfat 2 pounds
Original Bean Soup Mix 2 pounds
15 Bean Soup Mix 2 pounds
Organic Yellow Soybeans 2 pounds
** Chili Bean Mix 1 pound
Lentils Green 1 pound
Organic Quinoa 2 pounds
Hulled Millet 1 pound
** Basmati Brown Rice Organic 1 pound
Organic Couscous Cereal 1 pound
Penne Rigate Whole Wheat 1 pound
Farfalle (Bow Ties) Pasta 1 pound
Elbow Macaroni 1 pound
Dried Vegetable Mixture 1 pound
Dried Broccoli Florets 1 pound
Dried Sliced Carrots 1 pound
Dried Diced Potatoes 1 pound
Sun Dried Tomato Halves 1 pound
** Dried Whole Shiitake Mushrooms 1 pound
Fruit and Nut Honey Granola 2 pounds
** Unsulfured Mixed Dried Fruit 1 pound
Dried Banana Chips 5 pounds
Orac Supreme Dried Fruit and Nut Antioxidant Mix 1 pound
Organic, Unsulfured Dried Turkish Apricots 1 pound
Natural Raw Almonds 2 pounds
Potato Starch 1 pound
Coconut Milk Powder 1 pound
** Spinach Powder 15 ounces
** Real Bacon Bits 1 pound can
* Tomato Powder 22 ounces
* Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix 1 pound
* Beef Base 1 pound
Low Salt Chicken Base 1 pound
* Fine Sea Salt 7 ounces Shaker
* Fine Grind Black Pepper 2 ounces Shaker
* Italian Seasoning 1 ounce Shaker
* Granulated Garlic 4 ounce Shaker
** Minced Onion 2 ounce Shaker
** Rubbed Basil 1 ounce Shaker
** Curry Powder 2 ounces Shaker
** Chili Powder Dark 3 ounce Shaker
** Cinnamon Toffee Almonds 1 pound
** Yogurt Peanuts 1 pound
** Chocolate Covered Pretzels 1 pound
Krill Oil


* Only in Economy Emergency Food Supply and Deluxe Emergency Food Supply
** Only in Deluxe Emergency Food Supply


Deluxe Food Supply



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