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Well budgetary constraints are preventing me from doing too many reviews of late. On the other hand, some things I just HAD TO HAVE and bought as soon as budget allowed. One such item is the BK-2 Campanion knife. This is a full tang camping knife or survival knife with a 1/4 inch thick blade. First thing you can say about this knife is that, and I quote an unknown reviewer “it’s the perfect knife to have along if you ever have to field dress a BUICK” Dave Canterbury, of Dual Survival fame calls it the “Becker train wrecker”. All I can say is that you won’t have to worry about breaking this knife, it’s built like a main battle tank.

The design of this knife is a drop point, which makes it less desirable for stabbing than some other designs such as spear point, but it’s still serviceable in this role. The grind is about 3/4 and that way for a reason. The knife is designed for chopping, batoning, and other camping chores, as well as food prep. For those of you not familiar with batoning, it’s the use of a knife as a sort of log splitter, in order to do so you lay the blade across the top of a vertical log, using another log to impact the blade through the log being split. Not every knife is built to take such abuse, and this one is probably OVERBUILT to take such abuse.
The knife weighs over a pound by a smidge, and is balanced around the index finger, which makes the 5.25″ blade surprisingly agile in the hand, and if you choke up a bit you get even more control. Choking DOWN on the blade and using a lanyard around your pinky to prevent the blade slipping out of your hand allows you to chop with it as one would with a camp hatchet, and it’s weight makes it as good a tool as the aforementioned hatchet. The only better tool I can think of that is as compact is a folding saw. I will be purchasing a corona 10″ saw later for review and testing.

When considering the contents of one’s BOB or GHB or even camping gear, having tools that serve more than one purpose is paramount. I love that this thing can chop onions and three inch diameter logs equally well. As a fighting knife it’s not optimal but is VERY efficient as a slashing weapon, I’ve been able to part pool noodles with it, although infrequently, and when I don’t completely slice through it I at least get 3/4 of the way through, which is fairly impressive for a 5.25 inch blade. I use the same pool noodles as targets for my swords and in my review of the Cold Steel Katana Style Machete and they are not terribly easy to cut through with a full blown sword unless proper technique is used.

I purchased my BK-2 on Amazon.com for fifty eight dollars and change, opting for the free super saver shipping. That’s a steal on an absolutely indestructible knife (within reason) that does so many things so well. The BK-2 as all BK or Becker knives has an ergonamic grip that fits the hand of most anyone well with no sharp edges or any other uncomfortable characteristics. The new kydex sheath is a one way reversible sheath that holds the knife only one way, which makes it more positively secure than the older two way sheath, while still retaining the ability to be worn left handed by removing four screws to reverse the belt loop attachment. I added some paracord through the many slots and holes around the sheath to wear it “scout style” for a day or two and then attached it to my pack strap. The “scout style” carry is very practical, keeping the knife from bouncing around, getting in the way, or catching on things even when climbing in and out of vehicles.

I did make one slight modification beyond the attachment of a lanyard I braided myself out of paracord. I took the scales (handle halves) off the knife and took some very coarse sandpaper to them to put ridges going along the handles where your fingers go and in the same direction. This adds to the grip of the knife considerably, as the original plastic or grivory grips are fairly textureless. They do sell micarta grips for this knife, but they are rather expensive, nearly the price of the knife, and I like to adapt where possible. I made the same modification to my Katana Style Machete from Cold Steel and it’s very effective, and cost me nothing but a little time to implement.

If you don’t have a good full tang knife in your kit, you really should and you could do a LOT worse than to choose this knife to rely on. The only knife of a comparable size that chops better than this one is a Tom Browne Tracker, which costs almost three hundred dollars. For those considering the “one tool” approach this is the perfect one. You won’t break this thing, and it can do most any task you might set for it.

Keep on Preppin’

Ā Becker BK-2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife

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