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Just got in a new piece of equipment and I am very glad I waited till I found something suitable instead of settling for something else.  I looked at the .22LR conversion kits for the AR-15 but the accuracy was pretty poor with these.  This would make sense, since the .22 LR round is a different diameter, weight, and speed down the barrel.  Most dedicated AR style .22’s are expensive and so are the upper receiver kits, until now.  Chiappa has marketed their upper for around three hundred dollars, which is pretty reasonable.  I’ve seen them as low as two fifty or so online so shop around.  It comes with two 28 round mags, which is a nice add since most kits ship with only one.

I picked up the upper on Friday afternoon, slapped on the high mount rings and 4-16X42 scope and tightened it down and gave it a good workout at the range Saturday morning.  I have to say I am very pleased with the accuracy and reliability so far.  I wet down the working parts with Miltec 1, which is a dry lube I highly recommend, and checked the bore for obstructions and checked function.  That’s it.  No break in, nothing special.

Out of 450 rounds of federal 40 grain bulk pack ammo and some blazer I had only one malfunction.  I pulled the shell and found that it had not been struck properly by the firing pin.  I re inserted the shell and it fired the second time, case closed.  I shot all of that ammo without cleaning and while the weapon was fouled when I finished the session, it was flawlessly cycling right up to the end.

Accuracy was pretty impressive to me.  Keep in mind I shoot at shotgun shells with my bolt action .22 and rarely miss at 100 yards, so I am not easily impressed.  I was doing the same with this rifle by the end of the session.  In a semi-automatic rifle this is pretty respectable accuracy.  It’s not quite as tight as the single shot, but the squirrel who’s head you just popped off at 100 yards won’t know the difference.

One of the nice things about this setup is I get to use my Delton lower with the trigger pull I’m used to and handling characteristics of the AR, down to mag changes and sighting.  I also get a useful .22 long rifle platform for taking small game and other tasks I don’t want to waste a .223 or 5.56 on.  This upper allows me to carry my duty defense weapon in .223 and pack away the upper giving me two guns for the weight and bulk of only one and a half.

I consider the .22 long rifle to be one of the most useful cartridges ever invented, and wouldn’t be without a good survival .22 in a pinch.  Ammo is cheap, plentiful, adequate for it’s intended purpose, not to mention being useful as a barter item.  I have a ton of it and add to my stash whenever I get a chance.  I highly recommend the federal bulk pack ammo, not that it shoots any differently than the other stuff….but it shoots cleaner so you don’t foul your gun so fast and have to clean it as often.    I hate having to clean my guns in the middle of a shooting session.

One other reason I bought this upper is so that I can teach people to shoot with the .22 and then move them up to the .223 or 5.56 with little transition.  All of the controls are the same and the rifle doesn’t look any different, which may take some of the intimidation out of the higher caliber for them.


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Update:  Since writing this post I have fired approaching 700 rounds total with this upper, with only the single aforementioned failure to fire malfunction.  Accuracy is exceptional, I have put rounds touching at one hundred yards from a bench with regularity.  I am not sure if the reliability of this setup is owning to my use of MiliTec 1, the use of the cleaner shooting federal 550 bulk pack ammo, or simply good design of the operating system, but I can say it is a winning combination.  I have never seen such reliability from a semi automatic .22 rifle.  This coupled with sub MOA groups makes this combination something I endorse wholeheartedly.

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