Heya Preppers,

I recently bought a machete for it’s obvious utility in clearing a path through thick vegetation but I also wanted some more versatility. I looked at the Cold Steel Katana Style Machete video on their website and saw a guy cutting whole pigs in half with one. That did it, I ordered it that day.

I own swords, and I won’t get into the desirability of this or that type of sword, but I will say this….get a cutter. A stainless steel sword is a decoration, DO NOT EVER SWING IT! It can and eventually WILL crack, break, or even shatter turning itself into a grenade of sharp objects that travel in unpredictable directions. Cheap swords can be had that ARE cutters, and are safe to actually CUT things with, but one must look hard and be sure of the type of metal used and it’s proper heat treatment. 5160 is used in many cheaper swords and will serve, tool steel is pretty good too. Any differentially heat treated sword such as a traditionally built katana is usually prohibitively expensive. Go to swordbuyersguide.com to get information on which swords are servicable, this is the best source of information and reviews on commercially available swords in existance today.

I have three swords as of now, a cris cutlery ninja-to sword: $130.00, a musashi low end cutter: $69.00, since discontinued, and now the Cold Steel Katana style Machete $24.00. This Machete is fitted with a very long two handed grip, and is totally utilitarian, nothing fancy, all business. It does cut admirably well, will chop down trees in a pinch, and can easily be used defensively in situations where gunfire may not be an ideal solution. You may not want to waste ammo on a guy with a pocketknife, or you may not want to alert his companions to his timely demise, there are many reasons to use weapons other than firearms and it behooves us to have them on hand.

I bought the sheath for the machete with it and it’s fairly nice and while the machete is very spartan, it works very well. One reason to buy such a weapon is you’re not swinging a three hundred dollar sword around for practice. Proper technique is required to make a good cut with a cutting or slicing sword. Draw cutting cuts through things, push cutting, such as swinging the sword like a bat will make a shallow cut and not penetrate through even limbs, let alone a torso.

In order to practice proper technique I have devised a stand that holds pool noodles, which I buy at a dollar store for….a dollar each. These are perfect practice targets, as they will not slice through on a push cut, but will cut through “like buttah” if proper technique and blade angle are observed. Positive feedback, cheap and safe to use. I had no trouble cutting the pool noodles as easily as I do with my katana using the Cold Steel blade, which says something.

It is a shorter blade so in order to cut properly you must be very close to your target, inside their guard if they were to box you, but the weapon does lend itself to claymore style techniques due to it’s long handle and short light blade, so you can fend someone off easily with a faster stabbing blade with relative ease. I think for the money and versatility you get from this blade it’s a perfect addition to a bug out bag or one’s preps, otherwise I’d not have ordered one. That said after receiving it and using it, I have found nothing that disabuses me of that notion, and much that reinforces it.

Keep on Preppin’

Cold Steel Two Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade

Cold Steel Two Handed Katana Machete Sheath Cover

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