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Anyone that has read my blogs to date knows I tend to use equipment that has multiple uses and carry only what is necessary. Some items are specialized and still worth the weight and bulk in your pack due to the efficiency and the 10″ Corona folding saw is one of these items. Sure, you can cut trees and branches with the Cold Steel Katana Style Machete, but when it comes to efficiency nothing beats a saw.

Hatchets and camp axes or any other type of tool will not hold a candle to this saw, and no other saw does what it does as well either. The secret of it’s efficiency is that it is curved and the handle design allows you to simply pull on the handle to use it. The curve imparts downward force to the blade and draws it down into the work. When gripped properly like a pistol and pulled through the work, NOT pushed ever, the saw can go through limbs as thick as a man’s leg in short order. Hard wood, soft wood, construction materials such as drywall, it eats through it like buttah.

You could easily build a log cabin with the 10″ saw in a pinch, but most of us won’t be needing quite that permanent a structure when surviving in the wild. A smaller version of this saw exists and could be nearly as good, but for the extra bulk and negligible extra weight I decided to have the most efficient tool possible.

Here is a review of several saws on youtube with the Corona being one (and the best of the lot)


This item can be purchased here:

Corona Clipper 10 inch folding Saw

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