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Night vision is normally considered something of a luxury item in prepping due to it’s prohibitive cost.  Having used first generation night vision in the field during my Army days I can understand the force multiplier it can be.  If you can see in the dark and your enemies cannot, you own the night.  Another issue with night vision is that it usually requires batteries, which may be hard to come by in a medium to long term disaster or WROL situation.

The Newcon Stargate night vision device does NOT use batteries to power the first generation light amplification.  It does have an illuminator that takes CR123 batteries but this can be observed both with the naked eye, and with other night vision devices if it is turned on.  To the naked eye it glows a dull red if you look directly into the light, but with night vision it’s like someone shining a flashlight around and a total position give away.  If you are tactical do not use the illuminator.  I consider it useful if you are in a blackout tent or dark place where the light cannot escape such as inside a building, but in those conditions a regular flashlight might be more comfortable to use.

The Stargate uses a piezoelectric element to generate a charge to power the amplifier.  You squeeze the handle on the device and it produces a small charge.  Given it does not require batteries and costs less than two hundred dollars, I consider it an essential prep.  I got mine for around one fifty shipped and have done a YouTube video which I will post with this blog post so you can see how it works.  Keep in mind the video is not as bright as looking through the device but you get the picture.

This is a basic solid device that is pretty bullet proof.  It’s metal, not plastic, and well built.  It has a small adjustment for focus on the lens on the front which is pretty easy to use and comes with a clip on illuminator, which I probably won’t use, and a cleaning cloth, as well as a padded soft sided case of good quality.

Bottom line, if you don’t have night vision or three thousand dollars to drop on the PVS-14, this is a very good solution that will increase your survive-ability by a large margin for not a lot of investment.


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