GIJeff here with a piece of equipment you may not have considered for your emergency preparations.

Information is one commodity that will be very important in any emergency, particularly survival and emergency procedures.  Books are great as far as that goes, but if you have to bug out you cannot bring an entire bookshelf with you.  In looking for a solution I had certain criteria in mind, the most important being a low power consumption.  Other criteria were ease of use, storage capacity, and price.  I looked into the ebook readers available on the market today and settled on the Nook Simple Touch for several reasons, not least of which being a three month potential battery life.  Another consideration was the nook’s android operating system, which lends itself to rooting and application installation making  the Nook Simple Touch far more versatile than any other e-ink based reader on the market today.

Rooting with touchnooter allows you to install the kindle app on your Nook.  This means I can use nearly any kind of e-book format file, given I can install a pdf reader like EZPdf (cheap pay app), along with other android apps like Cool Reader (free app).  It is even possible to install and run angry birds, but given the refresh rate of e-ink it is just a bragging rights sort of thing, you can’t actually PLAY it on the Nook very well.  I also installed Opera mini, which is far better a browser than the stock undocumented browser (accessed by typing a URL into the search field), Advanced Task Killer, for killing tasks android autostarts, and Astro file manager, all free apps.  You have to install a search market app to get the market search to work so you can find new apps to install, but the procedure is pretty straightforward and easy, also well documented on the youtube guide page, along with links to the files needed.

Link to the guide for rooting the Nook Simple Touch the EASY way.


On my Nook I have many PDF documents pertaining to survival, a few wild edible guides, books by notable survival authors such as Cody Lundin’s 98.6 , James Wesley Rawles’ Patriots,  Survivors and How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It, Carla Emery’s Encyclopedia of Country Living, and Matthew Stein’s When Technology Fails.  I can put this Nook into my cargo pocket and have a veritable library of good information to reference if something occurs.  Furthermore, the low power consumption of this device makes it reasonable to charge it using a solar charger I have for that purpose.  In addition to survival and emergency preparedness guides, I also have a great deal of reading material for all the spare time one is likely to encounter in an emergency with no access to electricity, the internet, or cable television.

In the interim, I use the device as intended to read books so it’s not a one application device.  I tend, like Dave Canterbury, to carry only items that have multiple uses.  One device or tool that does many things is far better than three devices that all do one thing each.  I do understand that in an emergency I will likely not have wifi, internet, or household electricity, and the uses I can put my Nook to under those conditions will be far more limited than they are as of now, but given the choice of huffing around thirty pounds of books or tossing the Nook into my cargo pocket and having access to all that same information, well it’s a no brainer.

The reason I didn’t go with a tablet is because the power consumption of back-lit color screens like the Kindle Fire or Nook Color is so high you’d likely not be able to keep it charged using alternative power sources.  These devices are great for the current situation, but if power is difficult to come by your ability to use them may be seriously curtailed.  E-ink may be less glamorous, but it’s certainly easy on batteries, thus making it a more secure choice if you want to be able to use your device in an emergency.

Barnes & Noble NOOK Touch eBook Reader (NEWEST model, WIFI Only)

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